The Triathlon Web Ring

Welcome to The Triathlon Webring homepage, the most elite multi-sport webring in the world! Here you will find other
web page’s that have something to do with triathlon.

How it works:
When you visit a site that displays The Triathon Ring logo, you can choose to travel the ring by moving forward, back or at ranndom through the site. Continual travel either forward or back will take you through the ring until you end up where you started.

The Triathlon Webring is a webring for web pages that are about triathlons and the world of multi-sports. Anyone who has a web page about triathlons (not your own personal vanity page!) is welcome to join this webring. All that is required to join this webring is that  you put one of the banners, listed below, on your page, and in return for putting the banner on your page, you get more hits to your page.
So if you have a triathlon web page,  join.  Please keep in mind that our “target audience” is all ages and so your site must not contain profanity or nudity.

Here is an example of the banner’s that you would put on your web page if you were to join the Triathlon webring. DO NOT copy the HTML source from this banner if you have joined (it is set up with my site id). Use the code listed below and customize it as instructed.


This The Triathlon Webring site is owned by
Multi-Sweat Racing.

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